Victory SPX help

We are using Victory SPX this year for our robot. We are also incorporating Pneumatics. The problem I’ve run into is that the Victor SPX’s need to go to the CAN terminal on the RoboRio, but that space is already taken by the Pneumatics Control Module. How should I wire the Victors?

The CAN network is a bus system. This means that all components can either be daisy chained or ran in parallel and only require one port on the Roborio and a termination point where the yellow and green are bridged. As long as both of the signal wires reach every device on the CAN network, and the signal wires must terminate via the CAN port on the PDP. See attached image for further explanation.

You can also use Victor SPX in PWM configuration. See the user guide here for more info.

The lights are alternating red orange on some of the controllers. What does that mean and how do I fix it?

This usually means that some of the CAN devices (in this case Victor SPX’s) have conflicting ID’s. If you pull the breakers for all but one SPX and repeat this for all SPX’s you have on the board currently. You will ideally get orange lights with them all powered one at a time this pretty much seals the deal that you have conflicting ID’s.

The way we make it work is by daisy chain them together through a CAN connector on andymark (am-3827) to make a daisy chain we only need to use 1 of the 2 ports for can on the PDP and it has been working great for us.

how have you killed a motor controller to the point where CAN pass-through doesn’t work?

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The two green wires are directly connected. The two yellow wires are directly connected. Unless a wire or connection breaks, you will maintain connectivity if one Talon/Victor stops working.

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ok i guess i learned something new today

Where is the breaker on the SPX

The breakers I’m referring to are the ones on the PDP as seen here. By pulling all but one you can isolate a single device. This is very useful for troubleshooting.

Thanks! I’ll try it

I did that, but once I turned it on then off, it went back to the same thing

So with only one SPX powered it was still flashing red and orange? Would you mind sending a pic of your current setup just so I can get a better idea of what we’re working with?

When I took one breaker off, the corresponding controller would turn off, but the rest of the motor controllers would blink orange.

After a while, the lights eventually go to blinking orange after a while of the red/orange

plug all the breakers in, then open Phoenix Tuner on a laptop and give them all different CAN IDs