Vid: M.A.R.S. 1523 learns a very important safety lesson

So while I was away from the shop our leads (and mentors) decided to test a new shooter concept here is the results:


Let this be a lesson to everyone, always secure your motors

Was everyone ok?

(not to side-rail the conversation…)
Was that the 3M tape from the KOP? That stuff gripped the discs like crazy, but we were afraid it’d rip itself apart at higher speeds. We got other prototypes working nicely, so we haven’t revisited it.

You guys just need to add a kill switch and use gloves.

I second the notion of the kill switch.

Having the leads plugged directly into the PD Board and the battery plugged in makes killing the power very difficult. Add in the adrenaline/confusion/excitement of a failure occurring and it becomes even more difficult to remove under that pressure.

This is a poster for how not to do engineering test. That, is horrible.

Go buy yourself some 8020 framing, a bunch of joining plates, creates some flat plates and put flange bearings ( ball or bronze ) in, and build safe test fixtures.

We have a pile of that stuff and it is a great way to prototype safely. There is no reason at all to perform a test like this.

So they held a cim motor by their hands? Is that right?

That and they had no way to kill the power to the motor.

Yes everyone was fine except the ceiling which is the white stuff you see falling at the 15 sec mark

Yes it was 3M tape and if I would have been there or the safety captain there would have been a kill switch and no one holding it in place it would have been properly mounted so no need for gloves

I wanted to post this so teams could see some of the dangerous things that could happen. Plus how rare is it to not only video it happen but to have it in slow motion

I completely agree, I am an engineering student and when I walked in and saw the setup I told them not to test the way it was, they then walked me over and showed me this video.

Standing around this test where 125 years of combined engineering experience from Lockheed Martin, UTC, Pratt and Whitney, and NASA. The teacher sponsor made it clear this was unacceptable to have happened and they all should have known better.

This has lead to the Safety Captain and all the group leads to make our entire meeting tomorrow about safety.

As someone who also values your safety, I would suggest you NOT wear gloves near any spinning objects. You are much more likely to get the glove caught in the spinning object and hurt yourself much more than if you had bear skin.

The real solution to this was to not hold down a CIM motor with your hands. Never, ever, ever, ever get near something spinning that fast and that large. It does not matter if there was/was not a disconnect, or you were wearing gloves etc.

I am very glad that no one got hurt.

Thank you M.A.R.S. for providing a great safety example video. It is a great deal that everyone ended up being alright. I just hope that teams will learn from a veteran team that safety is not a thing to take jokingly. I wish every team that has used a prototype shooter without safety glasses on can watch this video, it’s been bugging me. This shows that a 10 sec lack of focus can take teams down the path of injury, lawsuits, and eventual disbandment. Be safe out there teams, ::ouch:: .

I second this - never wear gloves when working with something that can grab or catch the gloves and pull. In general, this includes mills, drills, routers, lathes, etc. Most machinists I know take their rings off and such as well just to be safe.