Vid: Martian Adaptive Drive (MAD) #2614

This year our robot (Marvin II) has the ability to transition between crab drive (wheels at 45 degree angles) and all 4 wheels in a straight line (in-line) using two small pneumatics. We use in-line when we want max acceleration and Arcade-type steering and crab when we want to translate, move diagonally, brake, or do a crazy pivot spin (makes us very hard to score on). Each wheel is mounted on a shock so that we maintain contact with the ground even when transitioning between the regolith and the carpet. Each wheel is mounted on on an Andy Mark Gearbox and is optically encoded for PID traction/slip control and on the fly acceleration limiting. We can suck up balls or be loaded by our human players. While we have to get in close to dump our hopper holds somewhere in the range of 25 balls.

More videos comming soon. (Thankyou 1629 for use of your field)
All comments welcome, and enjoy!

Hey 2614,
Looks like a nice bot you guys got there!
Will you be at WAT this year? If so, hope to see you there!

2609 BeaverWorx

Interesting idea having your wheels ride at a 45 degree angle, good luck!