vid: Team 16 Bomb Squad 2009 Robot Debut Video

See the 2009 Bomb Squad robot here:

The video taken was the very first “drive.” It is much faster now:)

looks great once again guys :smiley:

Looks awesome! 16 always produces good robots year in and year out. Good luck in your competitions!

You guys better be heading back to Palmetto next year…MORT wants to play with your amazing team again.

I expected the helical loader, but I didn’t expect the short range single shooter. Expected more of a 148 style “shumper” (courtesy of thefro) Looks awesome though.

Looks great guys! With all the circumstances sounding your build this year it looks like you still managed to make an impressive bot. That is just one more testament to why you are one of the great teams in FIRST. I can’t wait to see you all in full swing at st. louis.

Another awesome build. Nice tracking on the camera. Should be very competitive in Chicago. Good luck this year.

As always, a very impressive Bomb Squad robot will be setting high standards on the field. You’ve got a complete package: swerve drive (with traction control, I presume), a nifty ball pick-up and storage concept, and a turreted shooter with vision targeting.

Great job and look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

Another quality robot from a quality team. Your team has always been an inspiration to us (Metal-In-Motion). Look foward to playing with you guys if its in the cards. Good Luck!

The camera tracking isn’t nearly as impressive as Brandon (our drive coach/engineering mentor) being able to move that quickly at 3am:yikes:

Thanks for all the compliments…hope everyone got shipped successfully.

Looks good. Hope to see you guys in Atlanta. I always love your bots.

Nice - You guys always have a sweet drive train.

I am so glad you guys are coming to MWR again so I can see this in action. Hopefully not too much against us.

Another awesome shooter. This is going to be amazing. :smiley: :smiley: