Vid: Team 16 Prototyping 1

What do you get when you mix the Bomb Squad, 12 feet of surgical tubing, a robot cart and an orbit ball against a REALLY pink backdrop? (Scroll down to the video.)

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Back during FIRST Frenzy at champs, at a late hour, a group of devious 174 team members, like myself, took some surgical tubing, similar to this system, on our hotel deck and shot water balloons a huge distance. 71 was also in our hotel and some were outside on their decks, and both we and 71 had a fun game of “avoid the water balloons.”

If you go with this prototype idea, I hope to play some “Avoid the water balloons” again. hahaha

Looks awesome.


That doesn’t even come close to “REALLY pink”…

You’re just jealous because your shop doesn’t emit a pink glow that can be seen for blocks!!! When I went begging for a space to meet in this season, we were offered an empty retail space. When I saw the pinkness, I understood why they were having trouble renting it. The video doesn’t even do it justice and there is a big purple flower on one of the walls:yikes:

So now the Bomb Squad is “in the pink” too - literally.

Interesting…would the release mechanism be controlled by a cylinder and pneumatics if this were to be made?

We were really just testing the flight dynamics of the ball.