Vid: Team #2614- Marvin II is go for launch!

Marvin II has four independently CIM driven wheels each mounted on a spring inorder to maintain contact with the ground. With the touch of a button the driver can fire pneumatics that make the wheels go from this
| |_______/
| | to this \ /

When in an in-line configuration the robot has maximum possible acceleration and arcade style driving. When we wish to brake we can switch to crab, once there we have limited translational ability (due to the trailer) but most importantly we can pivot very rapidly (with a trailer) around our center axis.

We have on the fly adjustable acceleration control and when we switch on PID traction control we are able to push people and other bot’s.

Our hopper can hold and dump ~20 balls from close range an we can recieve thrown balls as well as pick up balls from the field (even if they are up against a wall). Using the camera and a ----- the drivers know when they can dump the balls through a ------ interface.

See you at Pittsburgh and Palmetto, and Good Luck!

Some videos including us racing team 1629 (we’re the red robot on the right).