Vid :TEAM 306 ball launcher

Andrew put this together a couple weeks back… sorry we didn’t get it up here sooner :smiley:

We would have a two-wheeled prototype to show you guys as well, but I failed miserably at it… sorry to disappoint:p
Here are a couple of videos… one is of a good run and one is of a bad one. = BAD = GOOD

what do ya think?

that it nice, what motors did yo use? my team did somthing similar but the wheels weren’t spinning fast enough

We were using the regular CIM motors.

so sorry, bu the wheels are 8 inches or 6inches

Looks good, sounds terrible. :slight_smile:

The wheels are 6 inches.

Nice backspin.

hi, i’m sorry

i showed my team memebrs your video, and they wanted to do a shooter like yours, because ours did not work sas good. so we have a couple of questions

1)how do you connect is the motor connected to the shaft
2)how did you do it

thanks in advanced for your gracious profesionalism :smiley: