Vid: Team 340 "Singulator"

This is a video of our robot’s mechanism of sorting and organizing balls.

We’re happy with it; it can empty 10 balls in about 3-4 seconds.

Wow! Nice! I had to leave early that night, I’m glad to see it all came together!

Oooohh! First look at the 340 bot! I’m excited! Will this be sorting balls coming in from the payload specialist? Or just sorting balls from a generalized hopper?

Can’t wait to see it in action! See you guys at the Rally!

Looks like my Alma Mater is coming along nice! Keep up the good work and I will see you at the Finger Lakes Regional!

This is the general hopper. There is another piece that’s not on there that will give us a little more capacity. When all is done the hopper should be able to hold about 12-15 balls. I think there was ten in that video.

The top will be open to allow for human loading.