Vid: Team 935 07 Bot

2 minutes of video. I believe we get 6 ringers on in this video. There’s another one where we get 7 but I couldn’t find it.

Any comments?

Thats very impressive, i like the long reach of your arm, that will come in handy i’m sure!

very very impressive but you do realize your rack has no stingers?:confused:

Actually, if you look closely you can the see the feet on the opposite side of the rack have stingers, we just didn’t have enough material to put it on all of them. Regardless, when hanging ringers on feet with stingers they did not pose a huge problem for us.

Looks great!
Will you be attending NW PAcific or UC Davis?
If so, if our teams created an alliance then we’d be very fast scoreers (then all we need is a ramp-bot)

Sorry, going to KC this year. Only 3-4 hours away from our town. Possibly attending the Championship depending on our performance.

It seemed to me you were using a kind of crab drive or am I just crazy?

I’m pretty sure it’s Mecanum, since they don’t look like swerve modules, but yes I was seeing some of that strafing motion

Very nice robot, looks like your drivers have a good sense of how to dodge defense. Good luck at competitions!

Correct, it’s a mecanum drive. I was very pleased with our drivers and how quickly they picked up the ability to strafe/use mecanum to our advantage.

hmmmm what about the 72x72 rule?

Robot is well within the width and depth rule.

lol i thought it was vex at first :smiley:

good job guys

At the 1:27 and 1:31 points in the video it looks like it might be outside the 72x72 box.