Vid: Team MARS, it's all coming together!

Despite the severe winter storm we managed to meet on our regular days (even if we were short-handed). Check out Marvin III.

What do you guys think?

Looks very cool, especially when on the bump! Can’t wait to see it in North Carolina. Beautiful! :slight_smile:

Great Job Guys!!

Can’t Wait to see the Lift system!

Great progress so far! Can’t wait to see what you use for a lifting mechanisum

I’m very interested in the purpose of leveling and strafing on the bump. I have seen a few videos now of mecanum robots doing this and the only purpose I can see is for the finale where you may be able to elevate easier and on a side of the tower that will likely be less frequently used.

Definitely looking like a nice robot so far!


We do intend to begin lifting ourselves from the bump. This is where our strafing and auto-leveling will come in handy. We are also toying with the idea of “defensive” playing from atop the bump…


We are also toying with the idea of “defensive” playing from atop the bump…

I would be very careful with this. You may have the high ground but the other robot has the angle. Without having tested this it seems to me like you’ll either end up on your back or riding up and over the robot trying to cross.

It will also be a lot easier and quicker to just go to the other bump while the defensive robot is on-top of a bump going side to side.

Not quite hitting on our plan (which while it is not critical to our over-all strategy would be a nice addition)…

Blocking balls from on top of the bump may work out quite well. You may have to be careful though that someone doesn’t decide to come up and knock you off.

I agree with Vikesrock here. Against any traction bot you will end up on your back … although bump straifing should allow you to cross the bumps easier and AVOID defense at the bump :wink:

Looking good :cool:

Like the ability to strafe on the bump and your kicking system is superb.

Can’t wait for the lifting attachment!

all of this is where the auto-leveling comes in handy. the idea is that robots will not be able to knock the robot off the bump.

Our robot, too has a bump strafing system, but no leveling one. I wonder how our two systems work differently! (lol analogous structures)

If you don’t have a self-righting mechanism I would test this theory before you try it in a match.

Vicksrock, we will be testing our auto-leveling out some more this weekend (we should get a lot of drive practice in actually :cool: ) and I’ll post the results. It is quite possible that if a robot comes up underneath us they could flip us, but that would require them to expose their top-side to our spinning wheels. If they come at us from the side or at an angle I doubt they’ll be able to push us off. But we’ll just have to see.