video: 1024 Overdrive Autonomous mode #1

See video here.

This is the first of our autonomous modes completed this year. If you watch the time index, you’ll find it’s about 14.88sec.

This is a fully autonomous mode, and is not a power-and-time-based autonomous. It’s fully controlled and monitored by an array of sensors. There is no external control of the robot (i.e. no IR board).

Adaptive cruise control is in the works.

What do you all think?


Oh man…that thing is hulling it. Awesome.

The lights are a nice touch!

sweetness!! does it make it past the finish line for a 5th set of 4 points at the end? also, if you lined it up right can it get the ball off too?

Very impressive. I’m still working on our encoder based autonomous / hybrid mode, but I don’t think it will be nearly as smooth as yours. Is that a practice robot identical to your shipped one?

I love it. Are there any sensors going on beyond encoders and gyros?


You da man once again. Another quality product from 1024!. I like the interpolated arc turning. It was very smooth. Not many times do you see that fully auto. Great job Alex and 1024. Our programmer stuck with fully auto this year too. We didn’t put alot of trust in the IR board.

It’s funny, I’m one of the major programmers of our team (not counting our coach) and I was much more comfortable with a straight program, and not programming an IR. But we felt almost pressured to make an IR program, assuming many others would do so.

Luckily, our robot can run without it.

We still have an IR board for now, but we also have a CMUcam3 which with a little push may be able to make the IR board defunct

Our automode does the same thing as yours, except it uses a sonar and a gyro to complete its task. The wheel encoders are used to close the loop for speed, but i should probably use them as a safety to turn high gear off so the robot wont accidentally slam into the wall…

Thanks for the feedback!

s_forbes: Thanks! The lights (sorry for quality of video, cellphone, hopefully have better quality one monday evening) are a four character led segment display, even more homebrew/cobbled than the huge two character one seen at muncie. Hopefully it’ll hold together!

burkey_turkey: Yes, it makes it over five lines. Really, it can make it over six… however, the robot gets disabled at the end of autonomous before the robot can cross the line under it’s own power (15 sec). It does coast over the line though… does anyone know how the rules call that? I only programmed it to go over five and stop so the video had a clean end (instead of a robot coasting into a wall) :o

burkey_turkey #2: That’s a great idea… have to try that. :smiley:

**sumadin: **Essentially, yes it is the same as the shipped robot, except this one has a drive system with a little less meat to it (25chain as opposed to the 35chain on the real robot), has slightly lower gearing, and is not painted. Functionally, yes, they’re nearly identical. The shipped robot could potentially finish this lap faster, however.

Gregg Marra: There are also multiple ultrasonic sensors used for safety.

Chris_Elston: Gee a compliment from 1501! (who has possibly the coolest catapult ever) Yes, it does do interpolated arc turning. It’s fully programmable (allowing for a start from any starting location, in theory) so, hopefully we can make the robot dance in the post season… :o

Hopefully I’ll have a feedback system diagram done and printed (e-size hopefully) for our pit at chicago. The feedback system is actually composed of MANY feedback loops and summations which simultaneously control acceleration (and deceleration, note the stop does not skid), velocity, and position on the low level then straightline driving and arc interpolation on the high level, then there’s the supervisory level… anyhow, hopefully it’s good enough for at least some judge interest.

Looking forward to seeing your guys robot hit a ball off!

Go teams! See you all in Chicago!



Killer job today at Midwest! Excellent stuff. 5 line crosses in AutoMODE!!! No hybrid stuff there!


BUT! We always have to remember… just as hardware does nothing without software, the reverse is also true. Thanks to the Mobility and Electrical teams for putting it all together! (even if we did have a minor electrical fire… :yikes: )


Sure wish I’d of seen that video before Chicago… 'Course I saw enough of it there! Congrats!

That’s one of the things I’ve learned about KilBytes the past 3 years. You guys work together as a “TEAM”. I won’t never forget 2006 watching you guys take your robot out of your crate in pieces and assembling it in the pits. Everyone works together to get it done. And you honor each other on CD! Great GP.

Hey great job at Midwest can’t wait to see it in action at BMR, maybe we can get last years alliance again of 45, 1024, and 1501!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: LOL