Video: 1114 Climb - 772 Under View

When we played with 1114 and 3683, getting the (at the time) world High score in Qualifications, and Still the world high score in qualifications with no penalties, we had our GoPro Camera for the POV. However during the match our camera flipped up, to see the ceiling. Lucky for us it happened to capture 1114 climbing and dumping from a never before seen angle!

Here’s the video of the under view.

Here is the Webcast video.

Thanks for sharing!

This is a great shot Aaron! What a great way to show what goes on during a match. I hope more teams will begin to do this in the future! Thanks for sharing!

Wow great view, thanks a lot!

What are the red boxes that the 772 human player was grabbing discs from? Whose are they?

Nice video

Not sure how many regionals have them, but they are trays where the white frisbees are kept between matches and can be used by the human players during a match. Three trays per alliance, holding 15 frisbees each. Can be shared however the alliance deems fit.

Is their climb under 10 seconds now? It looks like they cut 2-4 seconds off their climb time.

It’s about 10s but the dump adds some extra time.

Not sure about the exact time. But they did say they cut off about 3-5 seconds since GTR East. It’s amazing to witness live. Absolutely awe inspiring!

These were made by someone in FIRST Canada, I don’t know who it was. However they are AMAZING! Even though I am not the Human player, I was at GTR east a few weeks ago, and saw how the reset crew had to count each discs to make sure there was 45 discs n each side. Now all they have to do is put the discs in a slot and fill the 3 containers. They should be at every regional, and especially at champs.

However one thing I was surprised about is that Human players were NOT allowed to put the discs on top of the feeder slots. I believe it was because the discs were crushing them over time, but I can’t say for sure.