[Video] 3647 off season bot goPRO style


We are attending Battle at the border, LA Fall Classic and Madtown Throwdown.

This will be fun :cool:

Looking good! :smiley:

Nice angle! How did you mount this one? I used an adhesive on one of our robots this weekend and it turned out really well.

Thanks! The angle was an compete eye ball haha.

There is a photo of the mount:

It’s an piece of delrin machined to fit on the adhesive mount, then has 3 1/4-20 tapped holes, since 1/4-20 is the standard for tripods. Our robot similar to the C-Base and has an 1inch 1/4 bolt pattern so I just bolted it to the base.

Awesome video! Makes you feel the machine… Become one with it.

:confused: For the longest time I could not figure out that the camera was in a corner of the robot. I got so confused as to how you were picking up balls! :o

Ah well, that’s a pretty sweet video. We’ve played around with a goPro as well. It’s amazing how different a robot seems when you see it from the 'bots perspective.

Mark, you guys have done some pretty inspirational work this summer. Looking forward to see it in action.

Looks awesome! How do you like the KoP wheels?

Just noticed - is it just me or does the wheel that is in the view look like it is quite wobbly?

Though I don’t know the definition of quite wobbly, it does appear to be wobbling. (Granted any wobble in an axle would probably qualify as “quite”)

There is wobble in some of the wheels due to the looseness of the AM hex hubs. We are unsure if anything bad can come from it… so leaving as is at the moment for battle at the border.

We like the new KOP wheels this year, they so far seem to be working great. However I do want to transition to Colsons next year.

Video is cool, great angle, and robot looks good, but is anyone wearing safety glasses?

We just finished up at Battle at the border,
here’s the 1st match of the day from the goPRO on the robot:

Making any changes to that bridge arm?

Oh yes defininty… working on it at the moment in fact.
The arm worked for getting balls of the bridge however didn’t get the bridge low enough to let the bumpers go over it.