Video at Events (Regionals & districts)

I am looking for some information on how the main video feed is produced at FRC events. I have generally seen the video stands, and I know that there is often a panel that brings the video together, and someone must select what goes into the main feed. Who does this stuff?

The reason I am bringing this up is that with video cameras getting smaller and better, and memory getting cheaper, I have recently noticed some 4 & 8 channel surveilance systems that seem like they would be a good way to record some FRC events for later use. This year and last year, I would have really liked at least 3 stationary views:
3/4 full field looking at red scoring, 3/4 full field looking at blue scoring, and then 1 side profile capturing true full field.

Can someone fill me in on how current video is produced at an event?
Has anyone tried the security camera route? One of the events in California that I saw on a webcast sturck me as attempting this kind of footage.

The regional committee decides and budgets for video at the event. Most often it is supplied through the A/V guys. There are some cameras mounted on the drivers stations for use. Cameras home run to the A/V house position where a “director” determines the shot, the scoring computer etc. and then also directs the audio guy. Everything from the playback of DVDs, the National Anthem and flag video all the way to the end of the awards go through this position. The press box for team recording is also provided from this equipment. Depending on the venue and crew, they may also provide the power and lighting.

At the LA regional, the A/V guys often use two lipstick cams mounted on a stand at the corner of the field to get close up corner shots or drive team shots (depending on how they are aimed).