Video: Autonomous Teamwork
You haven’t seen teamwork in autonomous untill you’ve seen this. One robot holding a keeper tries to score and another robot from thier team helps push it on. From the video, you’d think they planned it.

wow…that is sweet

wow, is that GLR?

wow that was awesome…

Yeah-- it was GLR.

The blue alliance was 1114, 65, and 862.
Team 862 didn’t have a keeper, but we also didn’t shut off the autonomous mode. Team 1114 attempted scoring, but our robot kept getting in their way and pushing them off target. They pushed past us anyway and got awfully close to scoring. The rest is in the video…

Afterwards, the refs were looking to make sure we didn’t touch anything, but we were just standing in the starting box laughing.

That was so awesome to watch!:yikes: