[Video] Bomb Squad 2012 Season

Thanks to Baxter, STG, and all our other supporters! It truly has been a GREAT season!

Awesome video. Congratulations on a great season!

That was so cool.
Awesome video for an awesome season!
Congratulations! Well-deserved!

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations on an absolutely stunning season. You, Baxter Bomb Squad, proved to the world that in a game of balls, shooters aren’t the only dominant force out there. You’re innovative catapult, complete with load cell redundancy, truly is the best in the world.

Thank you, I remember hearing at the beginning a lot of questions on “Why did you do a catapult?” I guess being different can be great sometimes. It was fantastic going from 50 something seed to 28 seed, then getting picked as a THIRD bot by 180 and 25. What I thought was hilarious about it was that I pitched a something out a couple days before that went something like, “Don’t you think it would be cool if we got picked as a third bot?” but I didn’t think it would actually happen!

Thanks again.

Biggest travesty of scouting (by everyone else in Galileo) since 148 2008.

Congratulations on the amazing body of work. I was a fan of your machine from the first time I saw the reveal video (and believe me, I watched it more than once). I had to hear it multiple times before I believed you were the second pick on your alliance, but it didn’t surprise me that you guys would find an effective role for eliminations and Einstein and win with it.

Ridiculous machine, ridiculous season, ridiculous how much your team inspires me.

Congrats on a truly fantastic season that people will talk about for years to come when talking about rebound rumble.

I think it’s all been said above, but I must chime in. Seeing 16 with my own eyes during the Championship, especially on Einstein, was absolutely amazing and inspiring. Never have I seen such fantastic driving or playing. Hats off to the Bomb Squad.

Agreed. I was shocked they fell that far in the draft… although when they started falling I started hoping they would fall to our alliance with the last pick! I knew they’d be a force to be reckoned with in the eliminations, just like they were with us in Chicago and Dallas.

Anyways… awesome video, and congrats again on an amazing season and World Championship!

The Bomb Squad makes my favorite robots huge fan!
Cool video I was really shocked that they fell that much too but in the end they prevailed!

Congrats on your champs victory this year.

Swerve makes great defense but when its the Bomb Squad then its excellent. :slight_smile:

What editing program did you use for this?

There were some head scratcher selections in Galileo, but I’m not sure I would have included 16 in them. Based on who was in the top 8, I wasn’t surprised. In my opinion there were 4 or 5 alliance captians that were (or atleast should have been), looking to pick 2 scorers and thus would not have picked 16. That leaves the 1st, 4th, 7th and possibly 5th alliance (who ending up picked another scorer) as potential landing spots for 16. Unless an alliance wanted two defensive robots and 1 offensive, there simply were not that many spots that 16 fit.

There was a lot of strange things that came out of the Galileo alliance selections. A potential side effect of 100 team divisions, perhaps?

16 was definitely pegged as our top support pick, and it wasn’t really very close. I absolutely loved watching your drivers make expert use of your swerve drive. Congratulations on your win!

Really cool video, it really does highlight the amazing accomplishments of Team 16 this year. What an inspirational team, you guys are great examples for all students.

I…had…the time of my life… watching this video.

In the video it says we were blessed to be picked by 180 and 25. I would like to make a correction. 180 and 25 were blessed to have you around in the second round to pick. I truly believe there is no way we win the championship without you (16) as our second pick. There was no hero’s on the team just everyone doing their part.

Sorry for the late reply, but I used Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0.’

Thanks to everyone else for the compliments to the Bomb Squad!

Just saw the video.
Pure inspirational and awesome.
Glad we got a chance to play with this team this past season.:slight_smile:

I knew the Bomb Squad was great this year (when aren’t they?), but five banners puts them in pretty elite company:

67 in 2005: 6 banners (Buckeye, Great Lakes, W Michigan RCA, Newton, Einstein, CCA)
1114 in 2008: 6 banners (Waterloo, Waterloo RCA, Midwest, GTR, Galileo, Einstein)
1114 in 2012: 5 banners (Waterloo, GTR-E, GTR-E RCA, Archimedes, CCA)
16 in 2012: 5 banners (Kansas City, Dallas East, Midwest, Galileo, Einstein)

Considering that the other three in that group (if there are others, I apologize) involved at least one Chairman’s banner that 16 can’t win*, it’s even more impressive.

*Yes, 16 is eligible for Chairman’s now per section 6.4.1 of the manual…but it seems like the HoF teams are mostly content letting others get their shot.