Video: Check out our robot!

This is a video of our robot scoring, de-scoring, and ramping two robots 14". We had some footage of the robot winning a pushing match against our two biggest seniors:rolleyes:… but I guess we lost it.

This video was Taped and edited by Kyle Adams of team 306.](


Pretty sweet design… I like the see-saw ramp.

Looks awesome!

It looks like you guys are only going for the bottom of the rack. Have you actually test it on an actual rack? Was there a difference in the performance or not?
Good job!


We have in fact tested on a real rack… and there is basically no difference in the functionality of our robot. We just couldn’t fit the rack out the door (easily) :slight_smile:

Very impressed with your robot Cody. I wish we had the chance to play with you guys this season. Good luck.

Did you change your gripper? I thought you used the suction cup before(or mabey I’m crazy)

I’m the lovin the See-Saw

Just pointing out that ^that^ was your THOUSANDTH POST!!!

Very cool Robot
Looking forward to playing with you in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Team Lugnut 1008

Yeah, we had a pre-ship crisis when we realized that the suction cups are extremely sensitive to the pressure in the tubes. At the beginning of the season, tubes stay nice and inflated all the time. By the end of build, ours were starting to become a bit ratty, and we soon found out just how picky the vacuum cup is to inflation pressure.

The arm you see on there is a Friday-before-ship modification, but it works great, and makes it easier to hold tubes during autonomous. Better than last year, where we worked around a day-before-ship overhaul, and a complete first regional rebuild!

This design is just like ours. I wonder if we inspired you any? I’m interested to see how you perform since the outcome should be similar. Either way, great minds think alike!
Since the beginning of the season I thought it would be difficult to score when defended. The only thing thats been scaring me lately is how many great arm bots I’ve seen. Usually the ratio of good to bad is fairly equal. But I’m seeing 80% good so far. Therefore I’m thinking defense is getting harder and harder to pull off. We’ve found with our design that we will likely be capped out in the first minute or less of every single match, therfore we will be playing defense every single match. I assume you’re in the same boat since after the bottom row is filled you’ve got nothing else to do. I like how that works out, but only if we can be succesfull at shutting multiple teams down.

We were definately inspired quite a bit by your guys’ design. We had the concept back in the beginning of the season, but we put of doing anything for a while… and when we say your initial drawing; that sealed the deal. Also, when our vacuum gripper turned out to not work so well in the last week, we automatically thought of something along the lines of yours as a replacement. Steal from the best invent the rest :).

Those are the same conclusions that I’ve been coming to, but we like defense, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

With 80% good arm bots, our robots fill an important niche. I haven’t seen very many good ramp AND arm bot (attending our regionals anyway), so we shouldn’t be in much trouble.

Yeah, we totally ripped you guys off- on the arm anyways!:smiley: We were going to construct a large, multiple level arm, but weight constraints meant that by doing something like yours, we could save alot of weight- not to mention we loved the strategy and the performance! Our ramp was there from before we saw your video, but the arm did come from a little divine inspiration…

As far as th strategy- I think we fill an small but interesting niche- We’re more capable than a ramp-only bot, as we can fill in a whole row, and while some bot’s have been able to fit a whole ramp and a good arm within weight, I think the capacity of these ramps to be used often may be questionable. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see alot of ramps on good arm bots come off at the first regional. I’m constantly caught between being very satisfied with the design, and being rather worried, but I come out confident more often then not.

I guess we’ll both know how well it works within the next few weeks- we’ll tell you how it goes!

EDIT: Guess I’m Johnny-come-lately. As it was, the failure of our vaccum pickup led us into a further adoption of your design. It’s an excellent, robust design!

Love the bot and the music. Next year, you should use Ozzy Kamen’s version. :wink:

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Pittsburgh and Buckeye.

Do you have vidoe of your robot picking up tubes ???

How hard is it to see the spider with that ramp (that nice big ramp) in the way?

It should be the first thing in the above video…

With the aluminum perf, it is actually less hard than you’d think. At the regionals we we might throw on a sonar sensor to tell us when we’re lined up.