Video conversion

Does anyone have recommendations on doing video conversion from one format to another? I am specifically looking to change from .mov to .avi files. Any good low-cost or freeware products?


Haven’t tried it for those file types specifically but VLC player ( allows you to transcode video between formats. Give that a shot, its free and its actually quite a capable little video player.

i’ve had tremedous success with SUPER …

it can convert (basically) anything to anything, which is nice.
Good luck finding the download link… its pretty hard to find

SUPER is great if you’re willing to spend a day searching for the link. Also it occasionally has issues on Vista, but I haven’t tried it for a while.

EDIT: The instructions for finding the download button can be found here.

LMAO!!! I found the same thing when I asked a friend of mine for that as well. lol Talk about a candidate for the worst website.

Hopefully the software works, as I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

They always make you have to click through like four or five pages of mostly ads, hoping you’ll click them to so they earn money.

But once you get it downloaded, it’s a great program.

I like VLC, but zamzar works great too, plus its about 1,736 times easier to use. :smiley: