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Hello everyone,

I am not quite sure as to the category that this would fall under therefore I am sticking it under the general forum. I have never created a robot reveal video or any other video for that matter for robotics. I am looking for a simple and easy-to-use program to make a short video complete with music, effects, and the works etc. Any suggestions of video making software or editing software will be extremely helpful or any forums/tips/tricks to help would be awesome! Thanks everyone!:wink: :wink: :smiley: :smiley:

Not sure if you have a mac or pc, but I know all mac’s come with iMovie which is pretty easy to use and pc’s come with movie maker. Both should help you get the job done…

Ok thank you. I have a Windows 8 laptop that I am running off of. I will test the waters with movie maker. Just didn’t know if there was a simpler program to run or not. Thanks :slight_smile:

Movie maker should do the trick. iMovie is definitely easier if available though.

Movie maker if you need it to be really easy if your on a Mac Imovie is the equivalent. If you want a little more powerful program go for Vegas. But dude this my expertise area and I will do it for you if you want no issues.

If you send me all the footage either by Dropbox or some equivalent I’ll finish it tonight.

I can help to if you need it, maybe not as much as the post above as I am a student but if you need help I can do so.

Im a student too haha. The reason I have so much experience Is because I’m a professional youtuber(make about $300 a month so technically pro). I have to edit constantly so I have a solid work flow. Either way I think the op should let us help him because correctly is a constantly evolving skill where experience is key.

Movie Maker is pretty simple, worked well for us last year.

Maybe instead of just doing it for him you should skype him or something like that to really help. As you know, video editing is very hands on. (My degree is in editing and I do it for my 9-5).

If you’re looking to go pro I’d check out Final Cut or Adobe Premier. Avid is for the real professional but that is hard to learn without at least an online class. I can get you some links to online classes if you’re interested in learning. is a great resource for learning how to edit. My old professor does most of their videos on Avid and a few of my peers have done videos on other respective programs as well. It’s worth the price if you have a solid amount of time you can dedicate to it.

I don’t mind help do whatever the op wants. He hadn’t replied tho so he probally just did it himself in movie maker

SOrry everyone I have a 9-5 job which turns into 6:30am until whenever as an engineer. I’ve been creating the video in movie maker and through a student who has been cutting and editing the videos to fit with each other.

“I don’t mind help do whatever the op wants. He hadn’t replied tho so he probally just did it himself in movie maker” Sperkowsky I appreciate the offer but like Kelly said I would like to take it upon myself to learn and create the video rather than pawn it off onto another person to accomplish. Thank you everyone for the help and I’m sure I will be posting with some more questions :slight_smile: Time to get some youtube video watching and reading ::rtm:: ::rtm:: going on.

Feel free to pm me any questions you may have and I can either help you out or point you in the right direction! YouTube can be man’s best friend while learning simple editing programs!

Quick warning about Movie Maker: while it’s fairly easy to use and work with, it’s extremely limited in the special effects and cutting/splicing department. If you are running it on a lower-spec machine and are working with a decent amount of HD footage (like I did) you run the risk of crashing your system. More often than not, I found myself smashing the keyboard in frustration.

If you know your way around Linux, I highly recommend trying OpenShot. It’s free, and it’s got the interface of Movie Maker with the robustness of the Adobe products. You can get a live Ubuntu USB image running on your machine in about 20 minutes, and Ubuntu won’t bottleneck your hardware (you’ll work faster).

Just my .02. If you would like help with this route, just PM me!

TD;LR: OpenShot for Linux > Movie Maker

hello! I have recently released a video onto youtube of my team’s robot… However, I am getting a copyright notice using the music, “Here it goes again” by OKGO… And they said that the video is blocked in Germany, However, some viewers are stating that they are having problems viewing the video… I tried it on my phone, it doesn’t work. But I try it on my computer, and it works. I bought and used the legit version of the music and filed an appeal using the “Fair Use Policy in Section 107”… Is there anything that I can do? Thanks in advanced.

Here is the full response:
Song By OKGO (Here is goes again) The Video is a reveal video of a robotics team robot. This video’s sole purpose is to introduce our team’s robot to other teams competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition. No monetary gain is produced. We are using the “Fair Use Act” as stated, “Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair. The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes” This is a nonprofit video with no monetary gain used for educational purposes.

  • Mitchell Mu (SteelHawks 2601)

Not really just change the song quite honestly it’s not worth it. YouTube support doesn’t give a fly and flip unless you have thousands of subs. Machinima sound is my favorite site for royalty Free music.

Hi Mitchell! I doubt you’ll get response in time for the reveal and recommend using something like Creative Commons or creating your own music mix in Audition or Garage Band… But long term I would send the video to OKGO (Via Facebook, Twitter, or email to their management). They love stuff like robots (I’ve worked a few of their shows over the years). They would probably enjoy seeing a robot reveal video to their music.