Video Editing Software?

I was told about adobe premier and how its pretty good for animation stuff but i was wondering if the mive maker you can download on windows update will work since i dont have the money to buy a movie making program?

I believe with the Windows Movie Maker, you can add movies to a timeline, possibly cut out a few seconds. I don’t think transitions from scene to scene is available. You can add sound. If you make your animation scenes in 3d studio max you can probably import them into Movie Maker. Look up formats that it supports before you render. Even if you put in your scenes into movie maker, compression and saving formats in Movie Maker might be limited whereas Premier would allow multiple formats.

If I were you I would invest or download a trial version of Adobe Premier. Camtasia Studio is another useful program for video editing. With these two you can perform easy to understand yet powerful options such as fading, transitions, playbacks, sound effects and more.

It will work to piece the movie together, however from my expirience it wasn’t as easy to use as adobe was and I dont think it will export to quicktime.

You can use Video Post in 3DS Max that will export in quicktime format. However, it takes some getting used to, so give yourself a day or two. I put together most of the 2002 animation with it and I did not like it at all. Since then, I’ve always done it with Adobe Premiere.

Look into educational discounts on software from vendors such as If you ship directly to a school, then that is all the proof you need to get the discount.
We purchased a copy of Sony Vegas 5.0 for $48 (plus shipping) and it will work with .mov files. The program retails for $549.

Pinnacle is a good program for capturing, editign, authoring, and burning of CDs, DVDs, web content, AVI,MPeg-1,-2,-4.

It retails from ~$100 - $250, which is including the capture card, from stores like Best Buy, & Circuit City, or directly from Pinnacle. :smiley:

If you have Screenblast Acid 4.0 or higher. You can open a .wmv or more, I haven’t tried others, and then render it as a .mov, Quicktime video. This is courtesy of Rez648. I was using riverpast video cleaner and it leaves its logo on it so I was looking for others and then he said this would work so I tried it and guess what? it did!
Good luck.

I’ve been exploring the Autodesk Streamline site and checking out the competition for the Autodesk Visualization Awards I have noticed a number of teams who must have spent an incredible amount of time putting together some great work but then saved in an improper format and/or didn’t include a storyboard.
The rules are pretty specific, especially where they say “Acceptable file formats: QuickTime (.MOV)” and also the part that reads “Those Entries not in compliance will not be judged”.
I almost feel like downloading the .avi files and converting them myself.
If anyone needs help making a .mov out of their entry, reply or pm me.

I downloaded a trial version of premier and I rendered all my frames in tga format, but how do I put or the frames into one sequence. Actually, first of all how should i set it up like the project or whatever. Second is how do I import everything into the sequence and third how do i put in sound at the right moment?