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Episode 4: FIRST Scholarships!

As December rolls around, college application deadlines are slowly creeping sooner. You may not have considered it yet, but FIRST has lined up over $9 million of scholarships specifically for participants of the FIRST Robotics Competition and the FIRST Tech Challenge. If you want to find out more about FIRST’s Scholarships, watch our explantion video online, check out our sample resume, and look at FIRST’s Scholarship Website.

In this episode, we explain about the scholarships offered to FIRST robotics participants and sit down with Ken Stafford from WPI’s Robotics Resource Center to learn more about why FIRST Scholarships are important and a bit about some of the scholarships WPI offers.

Scholarship Explanation Video | Scholarship Information Document | FIRST’s Scholarship Page

FIRST Scholarships are available to everyone! You don’t need a 2400 SAT or a 4.0GPA to apply for a FIRST scholarship. These scholarships go to FIRST students from across the country who are passionate about what they do. You have better odds when applying for a FIRST scholarship than for other scholarships. Go out there and apply!

Great video guys, and nice show notes! I’ll be sure to pass it along to my students!