Video footage from 2019 FIM East Kentwood

Was just wondering if anyone had any match video footage from the East Kentwood event in 2019. It looks like just one final video is linked into TBA, but I can’t seem to find any others on the internet. I’m assuming they probably don’t exist anymore at this point, but any help is appreciated!

highly unlikely, but if I have time I can check my video archive from 2019

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On a similar topic, I’m looking for a full stream capture of the 2019 New England District Champs, not individual matches, if anyone has that. The NE FIRST twitch channels have one archived, but it’s a different event mislabeled.

I think East Kentwood was one of the ESPN3 only streams, and was supposed to be released to youtube at a later date.

We miiight have our tablet footage from the stands but probably not.
I’ll ask around.

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