Video for DREAM Act!

Team 842 Falcon Robotics of Carl Hayden H.S. produced this video to promote the DREAM Act

For information on the DREAM Act

While I personally agree with the purpose and intent of the DREAM act, I do not feel this is the most appropriate venue for discussion of such an act. Chief Delphi has long had a policy of not having political discussion, and that’s exactly what this is.
While it obviously has some connection to FIRST, and particularly teams like 842, it is not directly a FIRST-related issue.
Especially given the very heavy political tones of your video, I do not feel this is appropriate for Chief Delphi.

I know its a political hot potato but Amadu, a kid from New York was a FIRST kid and he was widely supported by the FIRST community. We even named our robot Virgina’s DREAM and mentioned our support for the DREAM Act during the Chairman’s presentation and it did not seem to affect the outcome of the selection. If Chief Delphi feels this is inappropriate then I will understand if they remove it. We just think its wrong to punish kids for what their parents did. We are against illegal immigration, but the kids did not make the choice. This seems as controversial as leaving the boys at home so we could provide our girls with the total FIRST experience. Again we felt it was the tight thing to do. Part of CD is to draw out civilized discussion about topics that affect kids that are in FIRST and with over 650,000 kids undocumented in the US. Its a fair bet that there are many on FIRST teams. I have been enjoying your posts and replies on CD for years. I understand your point and I will let CD make the decision. Thanks Lil Lav

One thing that I have found very difficult throughout this entire struggle and the particular challenges that FRC 842 has decided to make a part of their legacy as a team who makes an impact and a difference - is the partnership FIRST encourages us to try to forge with our politicians on local, state, and national levels, globally.

In areas like Phoenix, Arizona - to try to do the homework and strive to get FIRST in every school - guess what some of the challenges are? Guess what the reality is? And it isn’t just Phoenix, or Arizona, it is many places and impacts many states.

I realize the political sides of this but at the same time, it is smack dab in the middle of the homework assignment and can not be overlooked or - it will be hypocritical. Amadou and Virginia are both examples that reflect the reality of this challenge that 842 has so bravely taken up and fought for - often facing criticism and closed or closing doors.

It is difficult and a fine line for CD, I do see that. I also understand why 842 is doing what it does so very well and trying to shine light on the futures that these bright young students face through no choice of their own.

With respect,
Jane Young