Video for Regionals not on SOAP

Their’s a lot of people on these forums asking for videos of Regionals not on SOAP.

I hope to consolidate that to just this thread and hopefully free up competition threads to just discussion of the actual competitions.

If you have video of regionals that is not being hosted on SOAP please post them here. This can be anything from cell phone videos to high quality camera recorded.
If you are looking for videos of unrecorded regionals, please request them here.

To start off:
Quarter Finals 1-1
Quarter Finals 1-2
Semi-Finals 1-1
Semi-Finals 1-2
Finals 1-1

Quarter Finals 2-1
Quarter Finals 2-2
Quarter Finals 2-3

If you believe you have better quality videos than the ones posted here, please let me know and I will glady change them out :slight_smile:

On a similar note, what happened to the San Diego Videos that used to be on SOAP?

SOAP had to delete a lot of video because of space issues on their servers, so it looks like San Diego was one of the regionals to go. You can still find roughly qualifications 1-71 on TBATV, although it looks like we never got the rest of the video.

I have all the video footage from colorado

Note to everyone reading this thread. Everything but the last post about Colorado is from last year.

I’ll try and get these videos up on TBA by then end of the weekend.