Video from Pacific Northwest Regional

Does anyone have a copy of the Entire Pacific Northwest Regional? I saw a bunch of VCRS in the stack recording but couldn’t get ahold of the teams with tapes in them. I brought my VCR for our team but they kinda forgot to put the tape in. We really need a video so if you can contact me either by replying to this thread or emailing me at that would be great.

I’ve got almost all of the matches on DVD. Which matches do you want?


I need at least all the matches 957 is in, but I would like the whole competition if you have that available. We need multiple copies it sounds like so if you have any we will very grateful if you can get us a copy or copies of the video you have. email me if you have furthur questionsThanks

would you please send all the matches with Team 492 in it to me too? Can you PM me please?


Is there a website you could upload the video to?

I would also be interested in getting a copy of that DVD. Any more info on how to obtain one? Thanks.

Hello all,

I’ve e-mailed of private messaged you already, but for the new people who read this thread:

If your team attended the PNW regional I will burn a DVD and CD copies of your matches. Just have your TEACHER or ADULT MENTOR e-mail me the address of where I should send the copy preferably the school.

Please also keep in mind that I’m working through the requests as fast as possible.

-Jim Wright
Team 949.

Thank you Jim Wright for what you have done for all of the PNW teams by making the DVDs available.

It is a wonderful service. Thank you Thank you Thank you!