Video from Q56 at Rock City

We are looking for any video from Q56 at Rock City. We attempted a triple climb during the match and our video team got too excited and we don’t have any good video to review. We are trying to determine exactly what happened to compare it to the successful climb we had with the same teams on the practice field.


I’ve been meaning to make an account for a while, I guess this is as good a time as any. The camera angle for the twitch stream is just a tad too high to see exactly what the mechanical failure was, but I clipped it anyways. I hope this helps!


Thank you. That verified what we thought happened. Our drive motor located on the front axle (“Stilt Drive”) didn’t engage to drive forward. When we got back to the pits one of the Anderson Power Poles was slightly unplugged, but we weren’t sure if came loose, before or after the legs retracted.

The actual climbing mechanism didn’t collapse, rather the first command after having the “Stilt Drive” go forward is to retract the front leg.

Looking forward to Week 6 so we can try it again. We will make sure all the powerpoles are connected more securely next time.

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For powerpoles, we like to either ziptie them together or use these clips:

Since we started using the clips, we haven’t had issues. I’m sure you could 3D print them as well.

Good luck week 6, it’ll be really scary when the triple climb is fully functional!

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Thanks for the link. They are already on order.:grin:

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