Video: from the bot's point of view, 1771 goes head to head with the Thunderchickens

We attached a minicam to our bot to record the match for posterity. I merged the botcam with the HD video shot on the sideline by our media person for PIP view. The main window is frozen until the match starts, but that’s because that’s when the camera started. I need to figure out how to upload HD video to Youtube, it converts it to low quality, so it doesn’t look as good there as it does on my computer. EDIT: the HD video is available now. I guess it took some time for Youtube to process the multiple formats.

Anyway, for a team that was totally ignored by Looking Forward, we did pretty darn well, scoring 9 points while under heavy defense by the bot that LF rated #5 in the world. The video was shot during the first quarterfinal match on Galileo.

All kidding aside, we had a blast playing against the #1 seeded alliance, you guys rocked. We just didn’t have the offense to beat you. We all played clean, no penalties or red cards. Congratulations to both alliances.

Wow! that was an intense match. the thunderchickens really put up a fight. and it was cool getting that perspective from the robot. thanks for sharing!

You can add another robot to your count of teams that start with 17 that were completely ignored by Looking Forward that ended up scoring 9 points while under heavy defense by the bot that LF rated #5 in the world. :slight_smile:

Glad you guys got it together Saturday. Can’t wait to see you at IRI, hopefully.

Nice match guys! We tried to do something similar but didnt have the weight for a camera haha :smiley:

wow that was awesome. that was definitely interesting getting a good point of view from the robot. hope to see sean and the rest of you guys around at the off=seasons this summer. we might host one but who knows

That video is really cool! I Love the bump sound that’s made on camera when your robot uses its kicker! :smiley:
You guys did an awesome job out there on Galileo, and I was really impressed with your machine! You put up quite a good fight and scored very well under incredible defense of the Thunderchickens, which is very impressive.

Very cool. I like that you edited both videos together. Our team has used a camera a few times in the past. We used a cheap solid state camera for about a 100 dollars. Cheaper was better since it was knocked out of the robot in one match in 07 in but it survived. We did not do it this year, I guess we were a little too busy fixing the robot to remember, maybe next year.

If you want some more details, check these past threads about our camera.

Not sure what brand it was, it was supplied by one of the team founders, Charles Guan (now at MIT). It was about the size of a pack of Wrigleys gum, and had internal memory. It weighed about 5 OZ. (my guess). All the audio is from the botcam (there was too much team-centric chatter on the field cam:) )

Wow! I think from a drivers view the game dosent look that violent.
But after that video I feel proud that our robot didn’t just fall apart from all of that damage.

The camera was around 20 dollars, I will post the link to it tonight. (It was posted on Facebook, which is blocked)

For a 20 dollar camera, it worked extremely well!

We wish we could have recorded the video stream from our Axis camera, so you could see what the driver saw, as it tilted, but oh well.

Great video!!!

It was a pleasure to play with you on Saturday afternoon. As one of Team 85’s scout/strategy people we had our eye on you all weekend.

Not only did you have a great robot but your teams coach and drivers were awesome to work with and it was great to be paired up with you even though we did not have quite enough to make it past the quarters. The Thunderchickens had a very powerful robot and you guys held your own against heavy defense, it was awesome to watch and we hope to play with you in the future.

Here is the camera used:

I have had several requests for the raw feed from the bot cam. here it is (thanks to Charles Guan, founding member of 1771).

We recorded most matches with a 1080p head camera on our base driver, maybe if anyone wants to see that I may be a ble to post something. It is really bizarre, kind of like deja-vu to watch it over again.

That looks sweeeet. Especially the beginning Autonmous mode.

interesting match-up two close robots in my oppression, great offense and defense on both sides! Awesome!

Who is that guy who’s photographing. I believe that I saw him at both the New York and Connecticut regionals.