Video Game News

Where do you get your news about the latest in video games & consoles?

As you know from all my previous posts dealing w/ video games and such, I get mine from - for rumors and fast downloads for demos
macminute - latest updates on mac gamming

i use either or depending… my dad and I have a IGN account so its not a pain in the but to get around because there are no adds and all that good stuff…

I usually get my information from…


PC Gamer (lots of stuff about PC games and game hardware)
Nintendo Power
Game Informer

Hope these help

I visit every day. I visit about 3 times a week. Gamespot gets me everything I need so I go to other sites mostly for 2nd opinions on games.

Thanks all for your replies :slight_smile:

Reason why I was wondering this is because I want more news (since is kinda slow on putting it up).

This should give more than enough for a while :smiley:

Oh, i remember one more.

If you have digital cable, there is a chance that you have a channel called G4TechTV. If you dont, their website is (i think)

Heh, yea. The old TechTV. I go there every now and then.

I watch that whenever I’m up north.

Another one that is kinda good is

G4TechTV is a sin now. Very disapointing. More like G4TV with some tech.

Well, most of the TechTV shows are kind of for a more “mature” audience, so thats why they air at night