Video games

I’m not sure if there’s been a thread for this, but I’m sure many of you play video games in your spare time.

How many of you are Nintendo fans? I have been one since birth. My favorite series of course is the metroid series, which accounts for my username :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Nintendo and Metroid! Me too!

Awesome! I’m sure many others here are microsoft or sony fans

Do you have a wii?

Sony? Microsoft? Nintendo?

:ahh: AHHHHHHHH:ahh:

[/panic attack]

I prefer PC games, as the development platform and the playability is much greater. I personally think the Halo series is WAY overrated… especially because it was originally intended for Mac, before Microsoft bought Bungie. Games like UT3 and F.E.A.R. are much more exciting to me, as they are completely customizable as to how you play (thousands and thousands of different play scenarios.)

-My gaming preference

I prefer simple get-in, get-out games; no RPGs or MMORPGs, etc. Nothing that takes longer than 3 minutes at a time. I can’t stand binge gaming…

So here’s my list:
Guitar Hero (any variant, 2, '80s, 3)
Dance Dance Revolution/StepMania (proud owner of a RedOctance Ignition 3.0)
Crazy Taxi (I lose too quickly)

That’s about it.

Yeah I’m currently playing GH3 and crazy taxi used to be one of my favorites! I personally like fast paced games, like Adventure/shooter/strategy, which is why metroid is my favorite series.

As for PC games, they’re the best for FPS’s IMO. And I totally agree with you Jacob, halo is quite the overrated game. I was never fond of it, it’s too mindless.

I used to have 2 Ignitions, until I sold them and bought an Afterburner instead :smiley: I’m pretty hardcore at Guitar Hero also.

I’m very similar, all PC FPS all the way. The only long-term game* I ever got involved in was Super Mario Galaxy, and somewhat Soul Caliber 3 (though that is pretty much pick-up-and-play also). I was in a pretty hardcore Call of Duty clan for 1 and 2 (as well as UT2k4), until they disbanded and I kind of got out of that scene. I’ve picked up CoD4 and UT3 though, and they are ridiculously amazing games.

I never really liked Halo, since I blow at console FPS’s (lack of keyboard/mouse is baad), but I’ve been playing a lot with my friend lately and I’m getting better. It’s definitely a fun game for short periods of time, but I don’t see how it’s so MASSIVELY popular. I’d take any CoD or any UT over Halo any day.

*with the exclusion of my younger years, when I played Super Mario World for HOURS upon HOURS.

Strictly Madden on my laptop for now.

Counter Strike is my game of choice. Favorite multiplayer game that is, first and only at that. My username is currently “bot.” (Username is due to the way I play, like a bot. I’M NOT THAT GOOD)

Favorite Single player game is Medal of Honor Allied Assault

Only Mario I have ever played was on the TI-83+ Calc.

Other that that I never got into Gaming and have never owned any game system other then a PC.

Tetras still holds a place in my heart also:]

Doom. And Doom II.

Right now is CoD4 all the way on 360. It’s rediculously awesome and made me hate Halo… :smiley: XBL Gamertag is TheVelvetLie if anyone wants to play a game.

I’m not a computer gaming fan either bc of the lack of controller. (Mouse/keyboard combo confuses the heck out of me)

My favorite game is Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs Zeon. Its from 2002 and I still play it constantly

Advance Wars.

Turn Based Strategy, really. Stuff like that.

VVl-l47 4 l\l336

I play a variety of different platforms, and gameplay styles.

I started playing Diablo II Lord of Destruction when it came out, and began playing the original about six or seven years ago.

I have a Playstation 2, Wii, Xbox 360, Desktop for gaming, and a Laptop for research etc…

I have all four Guitar Heroes for Playstation, I play Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360, and still play the original Call of Duty on computer(RIFLES ONLY BABY! =P). I play Diablo for computer(obviously), and sometimes play World of Warcraft(just got into a break, since I got my xbox).

All in all, I’ll play pretty much any platform and any game as long as I like the gamestyle.
I prefer RPG’s and MMORPG’s rather than quick-play games such as Guitar Hero.

So having said that, if you guys want to play some Call of Duty(1), or Call of Duty 4 for the 360, pm me your xfire or your Gamertag, and I’ll add you.



Are you kidding me??? How can you NOT HAVE PLAYED MARIO!

That’s like one of my childhood memories man xD. But it’s all good.

If anyone has a GHIII for the wii, lets trade friend codes.

I hear super mario galaxy’s the best game ever. I’m kinda skeptical, but I’ll pick it up eventually.

i like pc games, espically the IL2 series

It’s all about

Well for me I perfer shooting games. I also like some racing games.
On our team we always take an Xbox to competition day and play halo till the wee hours in the morning.

My list is:
The Halo Series
The Unreal Series
The Burnout Series

Me, im a halo man. but the nintendo franchise has always been faithful to me throughout my life. my top games for nintendo would be the Zelda series, Metroid series, and the Donkey Kong series.