[Video] GitHub <3 FIRST Robotics

This year was my first year at the FIRST Championship competition and I was truly impressed by your work.

I was there on behalf of my company, GitHub, and we managed to grab some really great footage that we compiled into a video. Have a read and watch the video, I’d love to hear what you think:


As always, FRC teams are eligible for free private repositories on GitHub. If you’d like to get access for your team, head over to https://education.github.com to apply.

John Britton

Bravo for a high quality video that does a very good job of exposing FIRST.

Love the video! Thank you to github for all you guys do to help us FIRST teams also thanks for supporting and having faith in us! It really means alot!

Awesome video! Really well put together. So glad to see Github’s support of FIRST. I think the first time I properly used/learned about git and Github was from John at hackNY a couple years ago, so it’s great to see you guys supporting the growth of STEM through so many outlets.

Love that green robot at the beginning :cool: I also liked that FTC got a decent amount of attention as they are often over looked.

Can’t wait for our driver to see it he will be thrilled

Great video and post. Thanks for the support! It’s a pleasure introducing new programmers to GitHub, 3309 and 597 have been making use of the free education organization accounts for several years now.

Great video. Wonderful explanations.

Nice video, and thank you to GitHub for your support of FIRST! GitHub has become a key part of our development workflow on Team 316.

Great video. Thanks for including so much footage of the Red Devils and our lead programmer.

Great video.

Decided to experiment with using GitHub today.
After a while, I got it to behave decently with LabVIEW. Maybe we’ll use this for writing code next season.