Video Interviews Using "Rosetimes"

Phil Shapiro, FIRST supporter in Washington DC asked me to post.

hi jenny -

some friends and i recently invented a way to conduct video interviews over
the internet, where the resulting video and audio sounds crystal clear. these
videos can then be distributed over the internet for free.

i'd like to start using these "rosetimes" (named after charlie rose -- the

interviewer on public television) to promote FIRST.

 here's an email message from the Digital Divide Network email list that

explains more about rosetimes.


 thanks for copying-and-pasting this current message onto the chiefdelphi

forums. i’d love to hear from any FIRST enthusiasts who would like to try
creating some rosetimes.

  i'll be giving away for free the instructions for creating rosetimes. 

i create rosetimes using apple’s quicktime pro software (which costs $30.)

   to create some demonstration rosetimes i'm looking for some FIRST

enthusiasts who are comfortable with apple’s imovie software, who own (or can
borrow) a digital camcorder. it’s helpful (but not required) that they know a
little about how to create excellent lighting for a video. they need to own (or
have access to) a clip on microphone.

   people can send me emails directly with the subject: "creatings rosetimes

for FIRST." i’ll give those emails my full attention.


       phil shapiro, FIRST supporter
       washington dc

Phil Shapiro

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