video issues

I have a Motorola SLVR L7 and i am having a problem getting some video i shot with my phone off of my phone to upload. The only thing i can do is copy it to the desktop, and it takes forever to load and i cant change the format the current format is .3gp. Im not sure where my user manual is either. Can anyone help me out?

3GP is a common format for cell phones from what I’ve seen. I use SUPER to convert it; Apple’s QuickTime should be able to play it, too–you’ll need QuickTime Pro (non-free) to convert it.

I can’t help in getting it off the phone; depending on how you’re doing it, it will take awhile.

Their site is horrid, but here’s the link to the SUPER site:

It seems to work fine; every file I’ve thrown at it it has been able to convert. Except OGG Theora (I think, whatever the OGG video format is) - it was all rainbow striped. Oh well, it’s still pretty good for a beta codec.


There is a software which you can get it is called Motorola Phone Tools. That maybe able to help you. I use it all the time to get video/pictures/ring tones on and off of my dads Razor.

thanks that fixed my problem