VIDEO: Karthik & 1114: Effective FIRST Strategies 2016 - Championship Conference

Here’s the video.
Learn about this seminar in this Chief Delphi Thread.
The recordings were supplied graciously by two Build and Control Team students; towards the end a few seconds are cut off between camera shots but the missing portion is summarized briefly in text for viewing ease. Enjoy!

Thank you!

Thanks! Can’t wait to see this and show it to my team.

I’ve been looking everywhere for this!

Breaking this up into chapters:

0:00	starting strategic design by setting goals
1:10	"cool factor" and secondary goals
2:27	read the rules
4:33	affecting delta points
5:03	using the ranking system
7:17	chokeholds
13:52	cost benefit analysis (15:00 booty shake)
16:39	priority lists
18:28	golden rule #1, build within your means
22:35	golden rule #2, make tradeoffs
24:40	deciding between items on priority list
26:20	no shame in building simple robot
28:20	why terrified of low goal bots
32:02	being realistic about match strategies, finding niches
34:48	using partners, independent vs dependent tasks
37:45	hate this slide
37:57	robots evolve during the season
38:52	scouting
39:30	advance/advanced scouting, stats
42:00	avoiding biases when scouting
43:10	what is OPR
44:10	OPR value in this year's game
46:26	pit scouting is stupid
48:25	what to look for when match scouting
54:03	hopefully scouts are smarter than dolphins
54:23	making scouting fun, betting
56:07	drive coach qualities
57:11	making decisions, taking risks during matches
1:00:24	final comments
1:01:22	retiring as an FRC mentor

**Thank you for posting that.

Does anybody know if this version has been (or will be) posted?**

Thank you.
Can’t wait to watch. I was in the pits helping students bang on a robot with mallets during this talk.

To my understanding, they usually post seminars towards the beginning of summer, though I can neither confirm this or tell you where it will be uploaded. Perhaps someone who knows more about this can chip in?

Thanks! Added these to the description for everyone to use :slight_smile: