Video needed for recruiting

Posted by Matt Cuttitta at 05/13/2001 8:46 PM EST

Student on team #70, Flint Auto City Bandits, from Powers Catholic and Kettering University.

Myself and a teammate of mine are starting a new team next year and we need video for a recruiting meeting this Thursday. If anyone has video that I can download or that they could possibly snail mail to me please let me know ASAP.

Matt Cuttitta
Former member of Team 70

Posted by Pamela at 05/14/2001 5:34 PM EST

Student on team #166, Techno Insanity, from Merrimack High School and Texas Instruments.

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Posted by Matt Cuttitta on 05/13/2001 8:46 PM EST:

If you send an e-mail to FIRST you’ll get one right away, the send it expressmail to you, I got mine overnight!(of course I’m only one town over which may make a difference…) Along with the 2 videos they send you they will send you FIRST brochures and letters to hand to companies! It’s well worth e-mailing them for!
~Pamela 166

Posted by Justin at 05/14/2001 7:21 PM EST

Alumni on team #146, Blue Lightning, from none and The Blue Lightning Alumni Association.

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Posted by Pamela on 05/14/2001 5:34 PM EST:

Who did you e-mail??

What videos did you get??

What did u ask??



Posted by -Lori at 05/15/2001 12:23 PM EST

Other on team Team Player from FIRST.

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Posted by Justin on 05/14/2001 7:21 PM EST:

Most people email me (-Lori: [email protected]). Let me know what you need and send me your mailing address and I’ll get the info out to you ASAP!

-Lori- :slight_smile: