Video of 1293 at the Upstate Scrimmage

Heres a video of our serpentine conveyor power dumper machine. This was during a practice time period and shows our bot scoring (I think) 18 balls in about 2 minutes time. We had a few jamming issues with a ball with a broken band that caused our whole conveyor to clog up, but that isssue is resolved and shouldn’t happen at competition (key word, shouldn’t). Unfortunatly our practice was cut short with a no-comms mishap… oh well, it good round. We got a few more practice rounds in but I believe this was our best. We are the aluminum bot with the black bumpers towing the blue trailer… if anyone couldn’t tell by the camera tracking only this bot haha.

Anyways, enjoy the show. Questions and comments appreciated always.

Nice machine! I saw it Saturday and was really impressed. I know it will do well. Good luck this season.:slight_smile:

why where there so many super cells???

this scrimmage was just a free for all. it didnt really matter what balls were what color and how many points they were worth. heck, it didn’t even matter what alliance color a team was on. this isn’t an organized scrimmage, just drive practice:D

Well I for one will be anxiously waiting; your drive this year is pretty sweet.

lol you got robbed by a bunch of kids. :smiley:

nice robot.

I’ve been a longtime fan of 1293, even after I moved on to other teams–something about graduating with them and such, I guess. Over the years, all five prior robots had some pesky flaw that kept it from being a real contender. This time around, I honestly can’t find that flaw. Palmetto should be very, very fun to watch. I’ll be rooting (well, unless they’re against any of my other teams…then I’ll just bite my tongue. ;))

Wasn’t anyone worried about those little kids touching live robots?:ahh:

Nice robot, looks like a fun day.

I hate to sound like the grouchy old guy, but I would have had some words to say about:

  1. Adults and students at arena-side without safety glasses.

  2. Little kids at arena-side.

  3. Little kids touching moving robots.

  4. Little kids without safety glasses at arena-side.

I know that many of us are casual about safety glasses in the shop when power tools aren’t in use (mea culpa), but this is beyond stupid. Really.

Nice 'bot, and I’m sure your drive team didn’t have much to say about what other people’s kids were doing, but I thought this was really disgusting.