VIDEO of our bot moving

this is just a thrown together drivetrain to see how it handles on its own and everything. even on the slick tile it still was not too hard to accelerate.

How’s the handling on that bad boy? Didn’t look half bad, Keep up the good work. We are going to put the new wheels on last years bot and get some practice on the class room floor. :smiley:

it really wasnt that bad. im sure there will be a little difference on the actual playing surfaces. and with a trailer. but for bein like 30 pounds or whatever it was. it wasnt too bad. we just used a vex controller since our programmers are still playing with the new stuff. i tried getting the video on tile but it wont upload for some reason… it accelerates pretty nice and doesnt slide around too much either. still maneuverable i will try to get another video to work. we tried pushing a trash can also… not much luck there. we slid a lot then but that was probably the equivalent of another bot.

second video.

It’s not as hard to accelerate as I thought it would be.

I think with a heavier robot, you’d drift more (more momentum). Compare your video to our video:

yea you do drift a bit more. but think about what that trailer will do. it will either help stop that or make it worse. or both depending on the situation. it can either slow or stop you from drifting or it can back it worse. hopefully we get a permanent frame set up and a manipulator built in the next week or two so we can do some trial and error.

yeah yours drifts more… but it doesn’t really look hard to handle to me… use drifting to your advantage…

i think the team that devises a drive with a four wheel drive setup like a car will do very well. steering and driving like a car can help pull you out of those drifts

Oh man, seeing these videos makes me really excited for this year! I can only hope there will be many pro-drivers that will be able to make their robots soar and make the slick movements.

Can’t wait to be field reset at FLR and be so close to the action.

something i noticed about your video is that your robot is the long and narrow set up. maybe if you try the wide and short it will help with the drifting. i think it will because you dont have as much weight slinging around

We put some rover wheels on an old robot (not the greatest configuration to put 4 wheels on what was a 6 wheel drive), and put it on regolith. It was rather hard to accelerate, and I doubt it was because of how we had to put the wheels on (front and middle wheels). Because some weight had previously been taken off, we put two 50 pound weights on the robot (on the right and left sides, between the wheels). Turning was also difficult, and our joysticks will have to be scaled.

can you post pics of when you did.

I’ll try to see if we can do it again, the robot’s been put in the closet for now while we do design. We didn’t take any video or pictures that I know of. I can say that it was actually difficult to get it to move since the wheels would slip pretty readily for us. By the way you can kind of kick it around transversely relatively easily.

ok are you guys planning on going the narrow or wide orientation

we were thinking more of wide

thats what we’re doing. we talked to the teacher for physics at our school and he said that it would be really hard to turn in the long and narrow orientation

well the long and narrow makes you drift a ton will turning and that is a very good tool for turning

Just so you know there is a big difference between that tile and the stuff they are actually using, we tested it.

How different is it? could you send some sort of video or something?

Have you done a test to see what CoF you have between the bot and the floor? A fish scale and some simple math can give you that number. I agree with some of the above posts, based on our robot tonight (150 and about 100 lbs, short and wide and skinny and long) you will skid quite a bit on the true surface. Good luck!