Video of Team 121, The Rhode Warriors

This video was taken by a Flip Ultra video camera onboard the robot.


I believe the 2nd video is blocked to the public.

No, its public. But it is still processing, you might have to wait a moment.

I’ve seen some of your build season pictures, and I can’t figure out how you keep the balls from jamming. It seems to me that balls could jam in your upper hopper with only the single roller. Does the geometry and slipperiness of the hopper just not allow the balls to jam up?

[EDIT] Upon closer inspection, do you reverse the ball intake conveyor to help move them towards the dumping roller?[/EDIT]

Our motto is “It’s sometimes better to be lucky than good…”

We got lucky, somehow it seems to not jam much.

Love to see the students working hard…

Thanks! I assume you noticed that from looking at the photos of the build season on our website, because the video we posted was taken after our last build meeting and nearly everyone had left.

Glad to know that people are looking at the website.

Good luck everyone!

Looks good guys, See you in Manchester and Hartford.