Video of your team's best match

I love watching videos of matches, but there’s not enough time in the day to watch them all so here’s a thread to highlight what your robot does best.

You know your robot better than anyone, so post the link to the video that you think best demonstrates your robot’s abilities.

Here’s what I would consider 2781 RoboPride’s best match: Match 56 at Midwest

In the First Finals Match of the 10,000 Lakes Regional, we, Team 2052, along with our alliance partners Team 525 and Team 3018, produced 185 points. It was absolutely thrilling to watch live, I must say.

Some observations from this match:

  1. 525 didn’t attempt high goal autonomous, as they had before, but still damaged a defense in auto. 2052 successfully made their low bar autonomous to high goal shot.
  2. 2052’s first high goal attempt post-autonomous was defended but the robot went on to score four high goals in the match afterward.
  3. 525 made five high goals in the match, almost capsizing with 17 seconds left but went on to score their last high goal before time expired.
  4. All the defenses were breached.
  5. Our alliance received 10 points off of a Blue Penalty.

In the last qualification match of the North Carolina District Championship, we, team 2640, along with 1533, and 900 were able to play a great match together!

This happened to be the highest qualification score of the weekend, and one of the few double scales of the weekend as well. We are on the red alliance

This was one of our best matches of the weekend, not including our first quarterfinal match where the #8 alliance (587, 4290, 2640) upset the #1 alliance (3506, 1533, 5679: NC District Champions) 153-135!


My personal favorite was Q48 @ WPI:

We went in with a lot of confidence because of a match replay due to a missed crossing where we would have won otherwise. Besides that, 4048 and 3623 were great teams to work with.

As for our best, F1 @ Boston:

We were lucky enough to get drafted onto a strong alliance, and we got to show our defensive skills, preventing a tower capture.

Our best personal match would probably be Q39 at the Central Valley Regional in Week 2. We scored six high goals in total and would’ve had a chance at the capture if we hadn’t died with around 20-30 seconds left. This was the first match where everything came together for us this year. Even though we ranked pretty low, it was matches like these that got us picked by a strong partner in 1323.

That’s my favorite match too! As far as demonstrating what we (2052) do best, I think this match where we score all 8 boulders in the high goal including auto and cross the Chival shows our capabilities even better.

One of our best matches was QF1 Match 2 at the North Star Regional.

One of my teams most exciting matches. We had to call in a repair bot when 2502 blew a gear box. Shout out to our alliance 2470 and 2823. We got some great air time. In the last 30 seconds our driver didn’t know what to do. Great match against teams 2052, 525 and 3018.

I agree. The shooting on that match was incredible. I really like the extending ball gathering mechanism. plus you showed off some great chival technique. This is exactly the type of video I was hoping for - it would fall under the radar if not posted by your team.

Did some searching for some coverage of the Hawaii Regional.

Here are a few of our matches…

Thanks to FIRSTAustralia for posting the match streams to Youtube!!

Our first QF match…

Our second QF match…

Also a great semi final match

There are a few good matches from our trip to Orlando. If interested I will post links to those… Or you can TBA them…

Many thanks to our great alliance partners. 4253 TAS Robotics from Taiwan and 5087 Marsden High from Australia!!
So close in them finals…:yikes:
Hope to see you at the championships.

Looking forward to the next level of Stronghold at the Championships.


2502 makes 6 high goals and a climb this match

We have done up to 8 high goals, but we don’t have videos of those matches.

Tech valley Qual 22, we’re the middle team on the red side. Final score of 124, or it would have been 169 had it been elims. We ended up having to push team 145, who seemed to be struggling with their drive train this match, onto the batter, but it all worked out in the end :wink: .

EDIT: Thanks to team 4481 the Rembrandts for uploading these match videos, and for being great guys in general.

Team 1619’s best match was the second final of Colorado. We put up 10 high goals, one during autonomous. Our alliance partner, 1011, put 8 boulders in the low goal for a tower strength of -10. We were not defended in this match and so didn’t take any outer works shots, so it doesn’t completely demonstrate our robot’s abilities.

In terms of an overall exciting match to watch, I would point you to our first finals match. After scoring five boulders, we got tipped over. Our alliance partner, 1011, righted us, but caused our scaling mechanism to deploy while doing so. We decided to play it safe and hang out on the batter until endgame, where we completed the scale. Overall, a very exciting match!

I would say our best match of the official season was our second quarter-final match (QF4 M2) at NE’s UNH District Event with 1831 and 501. Set a temporary event high score of 163. Not an incredibly insane match, but definitely a nice smooth match all around for the whole alliance.

Thanks and a shout-out to NEFIRST for having most, if not all, of this season’s matches posted to their YouTube.

Our best match was Finals Match 1 at Central VA. Our goal for the event was to put up five in the high goal (since we were at 3-4 our first event) and ended up exceeding our expectations by sinking 7 instead. Thanks 5279 for uploading the video.

I don’t have a team, so I’m just going to be the cheer squad for a few random PNW teams :stuck_out_tongue:

3024 is so much fun to watch when they do well


The whole red alliance again. 50 pt. auto, high score of the day, lots of great stuff going on

skunkworks at the top of their game

and 4060 specifically because I am entertained by their vacuum tube climbing mechanism*

This is nothing compared to what everyone else has posted, but it makes me proud of our robot. Here’s Match 28 from the Seneca District Event. Even though we goofed in autonomous and lost the match because of it, there was solid teamwork between us and Nemesis and it really showcased the potential of our robot.

This is definitely not 3419’s best game, but certainly my favorite:

We had a 20 point autonomous, 5/5 high goal shots, and a bunch of defenses crossed. With about 30 seconds remaining, we had breached and scored enough goals to capture, and the game was well in hand, so we told everyone to get on the batter early to ensure the 4th ranking point. It was a good thing that we did, because one of our alliance members broke down on their way to the batter. When we realized this, we quickly swerved across the field, pushed the broken bot up onto the batter, and then drove back across the field and got onto the batter ourselves for the capture.

This match was a practice match from the Iowa Regional. We were paired with 1775 and 2512 and were able to score 191 points without the capture and breach bonuses! We did have 25 points in fouls though.

4215’s best match was Q37 at North Star. We scored 8 low goals by ourselves!