[Video] Our 1st cannon model :)

This is our old cannon design, we had some problems with it :ahh:
Enjoy the film



After watching the video about 5 times, I noticed the poster in the background, and the writing on the white-board, and I realized that the video was posted by an Israeli team. And then I realized that during the entire video, the only word I understood was “kickoff”. (The sound quality wasn’t very good, so I couldn’t even tell that a different language was being spoken. :slight_smile: )

Pretty good I can see how the shooter works. Which regionel are you guys going to?

ah yes! the good old ‘wack the vise grips with a pipe’ trigger release mechanism!

pretty standard trigger design - was used on many military cannons throughout the years :^)

(are those digital vice-grips?)

I like the toilet paper :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not part of their team but I dont think thoose are digital if I’m thinking right…

I’m thinking that would be tough to reload on the field… Possibly if you had something that could reapply vicegrips. If you had that though, I don’t think you should be building FIRST robots, but something bigger.

do they TP peoples houses in Israel?

you could rent out your robot for special events, like prom night, birthdays, and homecoming :^)

[TP: covering someone’s house and trees with toilet paper]

Yea I think it would be a bit hard to reload that thing on the field unless they can like harvest and than drop the ammo onto the shooter and have something to release the shooter when they’re ready to fire.

Cool. But Why Toliet Paper? :confused:

shrugs perhaps the man holding the toilet paper was holding it so measure how far it shot. And than he accidentally let go because of the noise?

Nah guys, it was just for fun :slight_smile:
This is our first cannon model, it is pretty bad…
We killed it and made a new one, just finished testing it 50 minutes ago…
Great cannon it shoots very far, and its not the old boring wheel system that was showen in the FIRST demo video.
A video will be uploaded soon to our website: http://www.neat-team.com

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

is your team, 1943, going to the championship this year, or any regionals in the US?

Chuck Norris’ beard can cure cancer. Unfortunately, he never cuts it.

Actually i Belive its his tears that cure cancer… But he never cries…

First we go to the Israeli regional and then if we win first or second place we will fly to atlanta.

you guys are the robogroup team right?

If you guys need any help or ideas PM me…robogroup is our parent company
we (intelitekUSA) are psyched that you guys have a team this year!

it would be absolutely awesome to have both teams together in atlanta

Good luck and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

You can relax, This was just a beta “cannon” to check the spring abilities.
Our real “cannon” is already up & running, and reloading takes less then a second :cool: