VIDEO:Our First 2007 Animation

This is most probably how our bot will look like…

U can find more animation on our website at

REPLY please

one concern for you, how many joints of movement are you planing for your arm, in the video you had 4 moving joints, base the two sections and the tube holder. with each joint comes either allot of weight or a complex system. I am just concerned not enough weight could go into your lifting mechanism. mind you the lifting mechanism may not be that needed, from a poll somewhere else on the for um its something like 80% that plan to lift… so my suggestion to you is, nail your attachment, make it perfect, if you have some weight add one ramp, and if you have enough for two do that.

those were my initial reactions. Keep up the great work

I see the first half of the video, but then the screen goes black and just music plays. Is this a problem with my computer or was it made that way?

It didn’t work on my computer also…
there is only one “boneset” putting the tube in the rack and then… well, i can’t remember… it’s all black!

Is that copyrighted music your using in the animation (sound like the Scorpions)? If it is you either get permission to use it or get it out of there ASAP. FIRST will disqualify you in the spot! I happend to a team a couple of years ago. They made thsi great looing animation and were shown the door because they used copyrighted music in their animation and for some reason thought it was ok to use.