VIDEO: Our robot VS. the ramp

Ok, here is our base without the (hopefully soon finished) modular launcher and hopper taking on the ramp :slight_smile:

What do ya think?

P.S. Don’t mind the bickering afterwords… Andrew thought I had damaged something :stuck_out_tongue:

P.P.S. I didnt :smiley:

one thing i saw was that you dont have diamond plate on your ramp

your speed needs to slow also

Ok, for what reason does the speed need to slow?


That looks like a really good climb. That’s almost exactly how we want ours to climb (we’ll need to bring the front down a little sooner though).

What is your weight distribution like? More in front, more in back, or balanced?

Note: I’m calling “front” side closest to the direction of travel in this video.

We have most of our weight on the back, but we hope to have the battery mounted in the front… so that should bring the “nose” down a little sooner.

Have any teams documented a noticable difference between pressboard and the steel plate in traction? I would think that because of the texture, the steel would give you more, but thats just me :slight_smile:

Any answers are helpful, so thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yeah, mounting is good… This thread should have been labeled:

**Thirteen pound, sliding, lead-acid battery vs. Electronics board. :eek: **

Maybe it sould have been labeled :

Electronics board that is nowhere near battery :slight_smile:

or maybe, Battery box that was made two days ago :slight_smile:

Anyways, back to what this thread was made for… Any comments/ suggestions?

OK… since you asked:

  1. Great job. You’ve got 12 days until ship and your drive train looks awesome.

  2. Your speed is good. Also, traction seems to be good with those 6 wheels. If you are wondering about diamond plate aluminum and how your robot will drive on it, don’t worry. You will have no problems doing the same move on diamond plate.

  3. Your front rollers appear to be a good plan.

(ok… now for some nit-picky stuff)

  1. You probably have a plan for this… but you could mount your electronics board better. You don’t want to damage those components on the vertically-mounted board (it was flopping around in the video). What you have on there is about $1000 worth of stuff… not easy to replace.

  2. Ground clearance could be improved. Sure, you are not rubbing the apex of the ramp when you are travelling that direction, but if you get turned 90 degrees at the top of the ramp, you could get hung up. If you mount your chassis back bar above the level of the side bars, you may have this clearance.

The positives above greatly outweigh my critiques. You are doing well, and have tons of practice time for driving.

Good luck,
Andy B.

Thanks :), and we are on our way to mounting the electronics better, but I hadn’t even thought about getting stuck while turned 90 degrees. That could be a problem… though I don’t see us having a need to be on the ramp unless we are at the end of the match, but I will have to think about it :slight_smile: and once again… Thanx for the commment and any additional ones made(crosses fingers) :cool: