Video: Paul's son dances at Lonestar 2010

Paul’s son dancing during a timeout at Lonestar this year:

Did the money go to buying him a green shirt? :wink:

That is funny… Giovanni in a black shirt.

So here is the story …

This was during a time out that we called after losing finals match #1. My son, Giovanni, was going down during all of the breaks to dance with the other kids. This is surprising because he is usually very shy in large crowds. This particular time during the time out the high school kids started spreading out making a circle around him. All of a sudden he is on the big screen and all over the webcast. someone pointed it out to me (at the time I was a bit frustrated and was strategizing for the next match). He was on the screen for a good 5 minutes doing his thing. I never laughed so hard in my life. He was awesome and totally changed the momentum for me and the rest of 148. about halfway in some random high school kid threw a dollar on the floor and it started a bandwagon of people doing the same. He also got two wet wipes and some candy and gum.

We took $5 and gave it to his younger brother. Took $25 and made him put it in his savings account and the remaining $25 went to G for whatever he wants. That night I think he spent $4 on the crane game at a local restaurant in Houston. I am sure he will spend the remaining $21 on Pokemon cards.

This and 148’s alliance selection pretty much made my weekend.

Paul, how long until he becomes a 'wrangler?

The high fives were awesome. Looks like Giovanni was a hit and made a lot of friends at Lone Star. That’s great! it’s also neat to know how he changed the momentum for you guys just by having fun.


217 and 148 Present: Fundraising for your area’s FLL teams.

Looks like a good way to generate funds for Atlanta. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is so adorable. Dean Simmons should ask him to be a backup dancer.

$21 well spent, IMO (though I could hook him up with a couple dozen Bellsprouts and Machops for free)

Base Set Machops are still tournament legal due to a fairly recent reprint. This is a good offer.

Uh, this isn’t embarrassing or anything like that…

now im wondering what else is legal, I still have a case full of cards sitting in my closet, might as well get back into the game… after all, I already do Yugioh