Video recording at Events

Could anyone enlighten me on the best way to capture the video feed at events for later use? A few years back we just used an old VCR to do this but I am sure there are better ways and better equipment to do it…

I could use some suggestion on how to do this and the equipment that has worked in the past for teams.

What do we need???

thanks in advance!!!

There are numerous ways to record the video. You could use a DVD recorder just remember to mark the DVDs. You could use something like this and a USB flash drive or external harddrive. You could also build a computer with a video capture card and some software.

One thing I noticed at the GTR regionals in Toronto was the video feed had BNC connectors and audio was XLR connectors on the media feed board. Regardless of record device you are using, be it a DVD recorder or whatever a good selection of BNC to RCA adapters and XLR to RCA adapters, male/female and a couple of barrel connectors and gender changers can’t hurt. In Toronto I buy that stuff at Sayal electronics.

Now I am not sure how good acsess is to place record equipment near the pool feed box, at GTR it was on the floor by the sound system area, for audio you can use something like the senhiesser G2 kit and you can be outside the venue and still get a signal but video you need to cable to the box.

So keep those things in mind. I work in news so I just grabbed the audio feed so I had the announcers voice loud and clear and then music loud and clear on my channel one and then my channel two was just the open camera mic.

video I shot with my camera of course so I didn’t plug into the pool feed for that.

If they let you place you’re record equipment near the box then you should be good to go, it should be composite video out but like I say the box I saw at GTR had all BNC connectors, female BNC connections actually.

Another important thing when connecting to any media pool feed box is to have earphones and monitor/check you’re audio, the XLR ports on the box are mic or line level selectable but even then you may have to adjust you’re audio input levels.

One mistake such as selecting line level and not checking can result in totally over modulated and unusable audio, or perhaps no audio, or audio with a loud buzz should a ground wire be off or something like that. In news I always check with earphones what I am recording…no exceptions.

Also, bring extension cord and duct tape to safety tape the cable to the floor, 120volt power to run you’re dvd recorder might not be available right at the box, you may have to run a bit of cable a few feet.


Please take a look at the Wiki:

Also take a look back at previous year’s threads, there are multiple threads that talk about the best ways to record.

The only problem with your suggestion is on the wiki page we are redirected to an 11-page thread, I don’t think anyone wants to go through 11 pages of I will record ____________ to find the diamond of information.

At Waterloo regionals today the audio from the provided sound board was just amazing good quality, all XLR connectors though so you need adapters to RCA or whatever the record device has for input, lots of video outputs as well and most were BNC but they had quite a few BNC/RCA adapters on hand.

I can’t speak to the video quality as I shoot my own video but I patched my wireless into the sound board and the audio was phenomenal, the music and the announcers voice…just perfect.

My wireless is a senhiesser G2 kit and that goes on the XDcam.

it’s good and probably will be the same at GTR