Video: Robot Crashing Through Field

Is this bad???


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Successful crossing, and you found the new low bar!

Although I wonder why that red robot decided to keep driving/shooting after multiple calls of “stop the robots”.

PVC field. That explains a lot.

Guys, come on, this is totally legal. They’re just using the new secret passageway as noted by Team Update 9001.

It only stopped when we estopped it. We looked at the code it never would have stopped till it hit a a wall or got out of range. Needless to say i think we need to work on our auto.:ahh: ::ouch:: :cool:

This video is my absolute worst fear when programming a quick auto while waiting for our match…

Atleast there wasn’t a spybot.

Just a question, do the refs or the field managers not have an option to shut down all the bots? Or did everyone just forget about it in the heat of the moment?

They couldn’t get FMS Lite to work, so everyone was self-starting their robots using the Driver Station’s practice mode to simulate match timings.

The real FMS does have an option to E-stop all robots.

At the Week zero event we went to, the FMS wasn’t working well(different laptops were controlling different robots) so everyone just configured the normal way and did the “practice mode”.

EDIT: Too slow to answer…

FMS Lite can E-stop a robot. However, as we found out on Saturday, if it’s in a test match, you can’t clear the E-stop! Easier to pull the Ethernet cable.

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My people need meeeeee…

Speaking from experience here… Your worst fear should be breaking the robot, not this. If your robot runs into a wall for 15 seconds, it’s no big deal. If you cripple your robot for 90 percent of a competition, that is a huge deal.

I am amazed that nobody was hit!:eek: That human player in yellow is part ninja.

And then everyone else starts the match like nothing happened at all.

We’re extremely happy that nobody was injured and that we can laugh at it now. As someone else noted, we were having issues with our FMS/new radios/driver stations that caused us to revert to using Practice Mode. The potential for injury is our biggest fear running an event like this and not having a full field stop makes that risk higher.

Later on in the day, there is a robot that completely destroys the low bar. Unfortunately we didn’t get video of that. Our wood field has stood up to 15 years of abuse running 3 events a year, and after this event it is in by far the toughest shape I’ve seen it. Curious to see how the real field stands up to the abuse from all of the robots.

I have to agree here. We were extremely lucky that nothing broke.

It was just trying to escape :slight_smile:
Did the reset crew throw the bot back in? :smiley:

For anyone with labview,
If you press space bar when the robot is enabled, you will trigger the emergency disable. If I recall the only way out of that afterwards is to reboot the robot.

Just a little tip if you get to practice with your bot.

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