Video: Robowrangler 148 FRC Robot 2007

This is 148’s 2007 Robot. She is attending St Louis, Houston, and The Championship.

Check out a video of her in action at:

do i dare to say i see some AM wheels on that? :stuck_out_tongue:

What a great showing you guys had at St. Louis! Be sure to keep an eye out for Houston and Atl.

P.S. Carne, Amos is trying to get your cell number some time before FLR.

Nope, just red IFI 4" wheels

your robot was great at the st.louis regional. i didn’t have the time to ask your team this before your left but i was wondering how did your team come up with the claw idea it was amazing in the competion.

After the success of 148, 217, 237 (and probably more I don’t know about), the “roller claw” seems like the best way to go this year.

i am actually flabergasded on how well they worked. i saw some early footgae of some claws and i figured they weren’t goign to work at all and the worst part slow. but recently the claws i have seen like this one works flawlessly and fast too!

Very nice.

I should come visit you guys now that I’m in Texas every week. We should discuss it via PM.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I see this bot in action on Einstein.

The best part about the video is when students cap JVN with a spoiler. =)

'Fin, we all knew JVN was spoiled way before that :rolleyes:

Are those tubes legal? There’s no way a legally inflated tube would fit over that noggin :yikes:

On a serious note, nice performance at St. Louis. See you in Atlanta.

Lonestar will be interesting if they keep the current match system (god forbid) and you play 118 half the time…

Offensive Powerhouse vs. Offensive Powerhouse.

You guys were awesome at st. lous & goodluck w/the rest of the year.

Seems to me, that after a weekend of alternating between 217 and 45, 148 seems to be experienced at seeding through offensive powerhouses.

There is no way Houston could be any worse.

These guys are the real deal. Believe me, we were 4 - 4 in St. Louis and all 4 of our losses were to 148. Luckily we played 6 elimination matches with them, although we couldn’t win it all. I can tell you that after 10 matches with / against them, they are a force to be reckoned with. They can place on any of the spider legs with great efficiency and can switch to mean defense in a hurry. I just hope 217 is in the same division with them again as they will be a powerhouse on Einstein.

Chris - Great work - you guys definitely think outside of the box!

Then again rooming with John how could you not talk about this stuff 24/7.

Paul - You guys have a nice system too - it definitely shows how similar concepts can bring out quite different designs.

You’ll have to compare 148’s to 233’s rooler system.

Good luck to all - I’ll be missing Atlanta for the next 2 years :frowning: Darn grad school…

cool bot i can’t wait to see it in person

After the first week of regionals, and seeing three webcasts, I’m very confident in saying that Team 148 was the best team of the weekend. They went 8-0, despite being heavily defended and playing 45 or 217 every match. While many of the other top tubers from the weekend were often shutdown by defense, 148 still would find a way to keep scoring. Also, they have the ability to play some mean defense when the situation calls for it.

Let’s just say, I’m impressed.

a great example of what i am going to coin “pick it and stick it”. It appears that 148 picked a design (likely early on) and stuck with it. doing a small number of things with high efficiency obviously worked well for them. Nice work.

Chris, JVN, rest of team whose names i dont know, i congragulate u on this amazingly simple yet amazingly effective design. i would like to see more…Chris maybe a tour at Champs?

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” - Leonardo DaVinci

John and Chris seem to be making a habit of creating simple and elegant robots which are near optimized for game challenges. Look at the geometry of their 2005 (with Team 229) and 2007 arms. Both were perfect for each challenge. Refined simplicity along with a smart strategic design are the keys to success in FIRST. Team 148 has mastered both this year.

We’ll see…