Video showing how to reimage a cRIO for 2013

This tutorial video shows how to image a cRIO. The process is shown under Java, but is very similar for all languages.

The video also shows where to download the additional files needed to run the tool (which are not called out in FIRST documentations).

Hope this helps

It’s not necessary to install the LabVIEW run-time engine or System configuration tool if you install the FRC tools as described in the documentation: The FRC Tools is not a full LabVIEW installation.

What documentation are you looking at?

Joe, good catch. You are correct. Unfortunately, I did not have the FRC DVD when making the video.

So either you can install the FRC tools if you have the DVD and skip installing the Labview Run-time Environment or install the Labview Runtime environment if you do not have access to the DVD.

I will make that annotation in the video. Thanks.

If hard drive space is a concern, I am not sure which one is the lighter install. The Labview Runtime Environment is 200+Mb, I am not sure how large the FRC Tools installation is.

On my team anyway, its usually just easier to have all my programmers install the Labview Runtime environment off the internet, instead of making copies of the FRC DVD, or saving it as an .iso somewhere.