VIDEO: Team 125 Shooter, incident???

Check out our shooter in action, and let me know if you see, erm, anything that happens to our shop…

more vids to come, of non destruction…

Wow, I’m so glad to see you guys wearing safety glasses, but you also NEED hard hats!!! :ahh:

Hard hats and body armor.

How about not staying in the apth of the ball unless there is open clear space :smiley:

That was actually the 3rd light we knocked out…the 1st 2 however were caused by people throwing the ball across the room and striking them. The shooter had been shooting consistently into the hole. We took a short break and came back, the 1st shot back, it went straight into the light lol!

wow, that is interesting. I’m glad you were able to get it at a good speed because our team has been havin trouble getting it at good speed. We are close though. Anyhow, good job.

You guys also need a pair of gauntlets to feed the balls.

Actually, as bad as it sounds, its kinda lucky it hit you, since you probably slowed it enough to keep it from shattering!

Oh Brandon…I see the Neutrons are hard at work. Surprised it wasn’t Conry getting hit with the light.

You might want to recalculate your aim.

Those lights make a cool popping sound when they break.

Not that that is a factor… but… you know. :rolleyes:

Along with a hazy cloud. One of our prototypes had a pair of heavy wheels and sent a ball straight into a light shattering it in place. It was decided that a lighter wheel was sufficient to fire the balls into the goal.