video: Team 1501 THRUST presents Delta Fire & Delta Ice

Thanks everyone from 1501 for a great season at Boilermaker.

Quarters 1 at Boilermaker.

Very impressive robot. What are you guys using?

using for what?

*Qualifying round 1, right? :yikes:

Arguably one of the best robots of 2010.

Good luck at CT to your team and Samir.

Woops, lol. I meant to ask what wheels are you guys using

Looks like 3 omni wheels.

Thats adorable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its so tiny compared to the other bots.

See!? Pure rollers can be extremely effective.

Do you use potentiometers on the roller arms to control how fast they spin?

Encoders? most pots have a finite rotation range.
Are the arms bouncing on servos or just springs/ surgical tubing?

You guys were great at Boilermaker. Best of luck to you at Connecticut Regional. It would be a shame if a robot as good as yours didnt make it to the championship event.

I’m sooo glad you guys are going to CT. Never thought I’d see fellow Midwesterners out there.

psst… don’t worry about New England Defense… it’s really not that bad :slight_smile:

If the ball starts to roll away from the robot the arm (with the wheel on the end) bends down (following the ball). A potentiometer could be used to measure the angle of the arm and speed up the wheels (pulling the ball back).

This was an idea my team had, but we never had enough time to implement it.