Video: Team 1912 driving with Kinect

We just got the basics for now…

But we are working on more!

You can actually see the speed control here - her arms aren’t parallel when she turns, so the robot doesn’t turn on its center point.

I also see the robot is tethered - have you guys tried using the wireless network yet?

I have not gone wirelessly yet (due to a bit a laziness I guess) but we will be working on it. The Kinect values are at 70% and the robot is on carpet, which we think might be messing with it a bit. We plan to do so more rigorous testing concerning finer tuned control.

I was slightly worried by the fact that the robot was literally 2 feet away from you and you weren’t even looking at it. I guess it doesn’t turn too fast yet, so it could not have run you over…

I was also slightly concerned with no shoes being worn in case of the robot hitting the feet. Safety FIRST. ::safety::