Video - Team 195 - 2006 Season So Far

To keep the tradition of a video released after regionals, may I present to you Team 195’s 2006 SSF (season… so far) video.

I hope you like it!


(…Yes it is another cheap Wildstang rip off. Remember, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :slight_smile: )

one of the best dumpers i’ve seen so far. How many balls you guys can load at a time?
my guess is 30-40?

I don’t know if we ever tested that but it is at least 40+.

I think its more like 80 + :cool:

That’s probably close to the total capacity, but how often will we ever get that many balls? :slight_smile:

love the bot, love the movie!

what awards have ya won so far?

Love the videos. You do good work promoting 195, I’m still fond of your 2005 Atlanta wrap up video. Its one of my favorites in my collection.

You mentioned to me in NH you had another video you’ve made that I have seen. Send me a message, i’d love to download it.

We won the Innovation in Control award at UTC.

So Tom, way to be, you got me all excited thinking I was gonna see some great new video, and it turns out I have already seen that one… Anyways, it is still a great vid.